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for better developer experience moved to

I read a lot about the latest npm CWE-506 Embedded Malicious Code of event-stream and I still don’t get why the root of all evil has been misinterpreted by so many.

Last two CWE-506 in npm ecosystem

To revisit everything from event-stream:

  1. event-stream has 2m weekly downloads
  2. event-stream was not maintained that active anymore
  3. creator and long-time maintainer dominictarr replaced himself by right9ctrl
  4. right9ctrl intentionally embedded malicious code
  5. community blamed dominictarr for being naive
  6. community blamed npm ecosystem to be vulnerable

Remember the npm CWE-506 before, eslint-scope:

  1. publisher account of eslint-scope was hijacked
  2. malicious code was embedded
  3. again, community blamed npm

Although both scenarios seem to…

Applications with poor UI don’t work.

Of course it’s not true that apps with poor UI are buggy, but today many people only value features of apps with some nifty UI. Stack should be a nice gadget one can use every day. With some shortcuts we can open windows real quick, interact with it and close it. So we actually need some minimalistic UI, very readable and not overloaded.

The thing is, there are so many CSS themes. It’s fun to just look around and see what others do and get some inspiration. That’s exactly what I did, but soon…

Getting started with Electron is not a big thing, because there are good examples and also for beginners JS code is very readable. It’s more interesting how to put together Electron and React, because it has two different modes: development and production.


Development mode in React means, that source files of your program are being watched for changes and whenever a file is changed, webpack is triggered to compile or transpile it. But that’s not all — your browser has a socket connection open to the webpack-dev-server, so hot-reloading is also enabled and happens immediately after any code changes. …

Keep track of your tasks. But don’t get lost in organization.

Last weekend we had a hackathon at our company consol. Some days before we were thinking about what would be a nice small project for this weekend. We had so many ideas, that I can’t even remember half of it, but in the end we were focused on a solution for a daily problem everyone may face — interruptions.

Colleague: “Hey, can you help me?”, ring-ring telephone: “… I sent you an email. Please check and call me back later”, blop email: “[Important] Are we on track with the…

A small story

My first job was as a student employee in a smaller company writing small tools with PHP. The tools were accessible via the browser and I created a couple of “read-only” addons for their CRM to get more productive. The gain was really high, so they decided also to make business calculation rely on the tools and rewrite all the stuff actually done with Excel sheets. The technology I used was just a WAMP stack (Windows, Apache, MSSQL, PHP) with no frameworks at all.

Then I moved to a company with big teams and bigger infrastructure. When I got there…

Philipp Renoth

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